September 24, 2014 – Participating Dance Companies

Azul Dance Theatre/ Yuki Hasegawa

AzulTitle:  Flowers on the Desert
Dancer/s: Danielle Atkinson, Maisah Hargett, Logan Scharadin, Jaime Shannon, Emi Ueda, and Kanako Yokota
Choreographer: Yuki Hasegawa
Brief description of the dance piece: The dance starts with a quiet solo followed by lively movements by a group of female dancers that convey female’s energy, expression, and passion.
Music details: River Zen by Tumbara, and Pacing Pulse by Steen Raahauge
Photo Credit: Stephanie Crousillat
Facebook: Yuki Hasegawa

NL Dance Project

NL ProjectTitle:  Species
Dancer/s: Ekaterina Chernikhova, Jamison Goodnight, Riyo Mito, Saki Masuda, Chikako Yoda, Jenni Walton, Nicole Nanziani, Rhys Martin.
Choreographer: Noibis Licea
Brief description of the dance piece: Species often describe as organism.  Able to interbreed and reproduce. Species explore individuality, leadership, it’s unpredictably edgy where speed challenge physically.
Music details: Les Tambours du Bronx “Psychose” & “Extreme”
Photo Credit: Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
Facebook: NL Dance Project
Twitter: NL Dance Project

 Monteleone Dance Collective

JoeTitle: Mother Culture’s Us
Dancer/s: Shelley White, Casey O’Neil, Kathryn Reese, Anna Bonacci, Elias Rosa, Kiana Rosa, Ashley Yehoda, Sara Crayne-Dedrick, and Amelia Bonvento.
Choreographer: Joe Monteleone
Brief description of the dance piece:A work in progress involving 9 dancers inspired by the philosophical novel Ishmael by Daniel Quin as well as the Psybient music production duo Shpongle. The work is an inquiry of our understandings, both flawed and true, of how mankind came to be the strongest influence on the planet.  The dancers create anthropological images, cultural references, and spoken word to navigate the subject matter.
Music details: Crystal castles, Shpongle, Luccent Dosier Experience, Andy Scott, Proem.  Text: “Ishmael” written by Daniel Quinn, recited by Casey O’Neil.  Origonal text written by Casey O’Neil. Mix: the music was mixed by DJOeFlow (Joe Monteleone)
Photo Credit: 

Calen J Kurka/pushing progress ii

pushing progressTitle:  If I Swallow This.Darkness
Dancer/s: Anna Loveys, Kathleen Donachie, Joseph Harris, Alexander Olivieri, Heather Toth, Jesse Engel, Emily Malamet, Jessica Malat.
Choreographer: Calen J Kurka
Brief description of the dance piece: If I Swallow This.  Darkness explores ideas in ones duality playing on relationships with mental constructs, with others, and addiction.  It depicts energetically the formlessness of ones shadowed self, but also it’s outward manifestation.
Music details: Subzero – Ben Klock, Init Two – Ben Kock, Mixed by Angela Brickhouse
Photo Credit: Krista Bonura
Facebook: :pushing progress a company/a workshop
Twitter: progressdanceny

Megan Lynn/Asterial Dance

asterial danceTitle:  Right…Like…Umm…Err…If you don’t mind me saying
Dancer/s: Courtney Colarik, Cassandra Cotta, Danielle Hausknecht, Katie Heckman, Megan Lynn, and Sarah Muskat.
Choreographer: Megan Lynn
Brief description of the dance piece: This piece is about hesitating-in both conversation and in action.  We pause before saying or doing things out of uncertainty and doubt.  We fear doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong words, or just making a mistake.  Sometimes we fear judgement from others, so we stumble over the right words to say or course to take.  But by not acting and not saying, NOTHING will happen.  You might miss the opportunity!  And that’s almost worse isn’t it?  So, this piece is a little awkward because that’s what hesitation is famous for creating.
Music details: Crakow Klezmer Band
Photo Credit: Courtney Colarik
Facebook: asterialdance


Ganesha Pose (2)Title:  Ganesha
Dancer/s: Alisha Desai, Anjuli Bhattacharya, Serena Ortiz, Andrea Palesh, Devon Lubar, Adam Bourque, Reginald Webber, Ridhi Parmar, Rachel Higbee.
Choreographer: Amit Shah, Kruti Shah 
Brief description of the dance piece: This piece is a tribute to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles in Hindu beliefs. It is believed that one should worship Lord Ganesha before beginning any sort of activity. Thus, Ganesha is the opening piece of the world-renowned production Mystic India: The World Tour.
Music details: The song is titled Deva Shree Ganesha from a Bollywood movie titled Agneepath.
Photo Credit: Amit Shah
Facebook: AATMAPerformingArts
Twitter: _AATMA_

Emily Cargill and Dancers with Braided light Dance Project

Emily Cargill- brainded lightTitle:  meadow by a train
Dancer/s: Leah Blair, Kim Collins, Kasey Kerr, Katie Ruth Bennett, Britanie Leland, Hilary Libman, Sydney Keister, Kathleen Wessel
Choreographer: Emily Cargill 
Brief description of the dance piece: meadow by a train explores the concept of misconceived identity of an individual by the people surrounding them.  The dancers in this work abstractly embody what mentally and emotionally ensues when one’s identity is mistakenly labeled and they are forced to become someone they are inherently not.  
Music details: “Amami, e vederai” by Cecilla Bartoli and Rosario Conte.
Photo Credit: Trib LaPrade
Website: AND
Facebook: Braided Light Dance Project, Emily Cargill

Cleo Carol Knopf / Poemdance Co.

poemdanceTitle:  WaterSpirit
Dancer/s: Cleo Carol Knopf 
Choreographer: Cleo Carol Knopf  
Brief description of the dance piece: A Water Spirit emerges from troubled waters, circling in waves of hope and longing.  Water of the earth, polluted with plastic, toxins and Fracking chemicals materializes a spirit, to speak to us : Be not dismayed at what you now face. But rise to the challenge. 
Music details: Music by Richard Souther called “The Spirit of God” with some water/nature sounds mixed in by the choreographer.
Photo Credit: Eric Bandiero
Facebook: Cleo Carol Knopf
Twitter: Cleo Carol Knopf

Neville Dance Theatre

NevilleTitle:  Awakenings (excerpt)
Dancer/s: Juan Carlos Ortiz and Tanya Lynn Trombly
Choreographer: Brenda Neville 
Brief description of the dance piece: A tender lullaby of nurturing love, both delicate and supportive, which lays the foundation for unabridged curiosity and the courage needed to venture out on one’s own.
Music details: Yann Tiersen.
Photo Credit: Yi Chun Wu

Arch Contemporary Ballet

Arch 1Title:  Seasons of White
Dancer/s: Jaclyn Wheatley, Adrienne Riter, Sabrina Imamura, Sheena Annalise.
Choreographer: Sheena Annalise.
Brief description of the dance piece: “Seasons of White”, “a very dynamic contemporary ballet piece… with eye-catching lifts and linear partnering…” (Phoenix New Times) expresses the journey of human emotions through the color white and all of what the color white represents. The journey begins in a spacious and infinite setting into a more more playful atmosphere. The piece makes way for curiosity, innocence, and purity, before moving the audience to a symbolic raising of a white flag after the journey has commenced with tribulation. The color white expresses many emotions through a person and with an original music composition by Larrie Reece Fisher, “Seasons of White” demonstrates the changing emotions themselves.
Music details: Original music composition by Larrie Reece Fisher.
Photo Credit:  Richard Baranyai.