June 25, 2014 – Participating Dance Companies

Curet Performance Project

curetTitle:  El Barrio
Dancer/s: Giulia D’Antoni, Rafael Molina, Gabriela Rendon, Marissa Siewert, Megan Curet, Anja Zwetti
Choreographer: Megan Curet
Brief description of the dance piece: El Barrio is part of a full length work entitled Raices which is Spanish for roots in this exploration of the Latin Culture using Modern dance vocabulary El Barrio better explores the neighborhood of Spanish Harlem in 1980’s NYC.  The people, the lifestyle and their relationships to one another.
Music details: Music by Gotan Project: Paris,Texas and La Del Russo
Photo Credit: Julia Atkinson
Website: www.MeganCuret.com
Facebook: curet performance project
Twitter: @CuretPProject


Katie Sun Dance

katie sunTitle:  (don’t be) Alone Together
Dancer/s: Laura Colón, Beth Liebowitz, Sarah Adam
Choreographer: Katie Sun
Brief description of the dance piece: (don’t be) Alone Together is about relationships between people and focuses on how we can be together, but alone. In a world full of technology, it is so easy to be “with” people but not really present (e.g. two people at dinner, both on their iPhones and not talking). People get caught up in their own worlds, so focused on doing “their own thing” that they lose human connections with the people around them, and then wonder why they feel alone. This piece aims to show that as humans, we need other human beings, and maybe should try not to be alone together, but simply, together.
Music details: “You Never Need Nobody” by The Lone Bellow
Photo Credit: Katie Sun
Website: http://katiesundanceco.weebly.com


Pantos Project

PantosTitle:  “She Said, She Said”
Dancer/s: Carolyn Breton, Kayla Collette, Niki Farahani, Lindsay Jarvis, Kerri Ann Kudla
Choreographer: Kat Pantos
Brief description of the dance piece: “She Said, She Said” is inspired by the third side of the story. With many truths being lost in translation, we are left with the she said, she said, of an event, or conversation. In this piece we explore the reactions from such confusion.
Music details: “Tick of the Clock” (Film Edit) Chromatics”Breathe this air” Jon Hopkins 
Photo Credit: Enniorizzi Photography
Website: www.katpantos.org
Facebook account: Pantos Project

Jazz Roots Dance Company

jazz rootsTitle:  Shaft Medley
Dancer/s: Bri White, Aubrey Hensley, Yumiko Suzuki, Laura Stecher, Lainie Berman, Elena Wood, Becky Robles.
Choreographer: Sue Samuels
Brief description of the dance piece:  A two-part piece – classic lyrical jazz flowing into an up-tempo jazz piece set in a true “classic jazz” style.
Music details: “Shaft” original movie soundtrack by Isaac Hayes 
Photo Credit: Jan LaSalle 
Website: www.jazzrootsdance.com
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/JazzRootsDance
Twitter Account:  https://twitter.com/JazzRootsDance

NYC Dance Arts Professional Dance Company

NYC Dance ArtsTitle:  BODY
Dancer/s: Cassandra Borges, Simone Posey, Adalisse Perdomo, Miu Soda, Emily Bendler, Davon Stewart, Stephenni Miller, Caroline O’Connor, Jamia Jordan, Ayana Blackman
Choreographer: Roshelle Wilder, James Huggins
Brief description of the dance piece:  Body- is a selection of work that conveys the vibration of one’s spirit. To be in motion in one’s skin by thinking, feeling and reacting to the energy that transforms oneself into a desired state of being. A state of being that in due course brings self awareness, character and confidence.
Music details: Afro House Mix by JaBig, Marco Diablo, Lando & Buruntuma 
Photo Credit: Raquib Sharif 
Website: www.nycdancearts.com
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NYC-Dance-Arts
Twitter Account:  https://twitter.com/nycdancearts


MJM Dance

MJMTitle:  Reflections
Dancer/s: Leah Antonellis, Gabrielle Brigida, Kelli Chapman, YaTing Chi, Ruby Frink, JuYeun Lee, Joya Powell.
Choreographer: Megan J. Minturn
Brief description of the dance piece:  “Reflections” explores our experiences of memories, how we perceive and reflect upon the past.
Music details: Karl Jenkins, Adiemus 2 Cantata Mundi
Photo Credit: Yi-Chun Wu
Website: http://www.meganminturn.com/mjm-dance.php
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/MJMDanceCompany?ref=hl


Monica Hogan Danceworks

171911_novdance0197Title:  From Darkness Drawn
Dancer/s: Courtney Liu, Eimile Davis
Choreographer: Monica Hogan
Brief description of the dance piece:  This work explores the experience of being caught in the past – lingering on a pivotal moment where perhaps a different decision or course of events could have impacted the present. People have a tendency to ruminate, running these situations through their minds as they reimagine how things could have played out differently. Ultimately, the pair of dancers find themselves at a crossroads and push each other to shake the past, move forward, and attempt to live more fully in the present.
Music details: Camille
Photo Credit: Duke Photography 
Website: www.mhdanceworks.com
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/MonicaHoganDanceworks
Twitter Account:  @mhdanceworks


RedCurrant Collective

red currentTitle:  medi-evil
Dancer/s: Debra Bona, Zoe Rabinowitz, Sarah Hillmon, Julia Jurgilewicz, Phoebe Rose Sandford, Claire Westby
Choreographer: Liz Caroline Montgomery
Brief description of the dance piece:  medi-evil is an exploration of how historical narrative is transformed in order to make sense of the past in the here and now. The movement is nonsensical, imitative, and earnest, imagining pop culture within a Medieval context.
Music details: Ensemble Buon Tempo, “Tourdion”; performed by Béla Fleck, “Prélude from Suite for Unaccompanied Cello No. 1”; Hilliard Ensemble, “Ondas Do Mar De Uigo”.
Photo Credit: Meg Friske Montgomery
Website: www.redcurrantcollective.com
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/RedCurrantCollective


Heidi Contemporary Ballet

HeidiTitle:  Bitter Roots
Dancer/s: Courtney Escoyne, David Gourov, Eliza Sherlock-Lewis, Gabby Schwan, George Maniadis, Kaitlyn Yiu,  Xiaoxiao Cao.
Choreographer: Hyung Ji Yu
Brief description of the dance piece:  I will represent one person’s heart mind who got a scar that one can’t wash out. I will develop this piece three section.
One’s Bad experience and scars in one’s mind such as lonely, poverty and abandoned……when one was child.
One’s try to remove the bitter scar. However the more one try to remove the memories, the deeper one’s scar is.
Eventually, one couldn’t wash out bitter scar, even though one try to take out the bitter root, and the bitter root spread out one’s mind deeply. One’s heart is sore…and one lives with carrying the bitter root constantly.
Music details: Max Richter “November”
Photo Credit: 
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/hyungji.yu.7?fref=ts


Moira Dance Theatre

Moira DanceTitle:  Let’s Make A Record
Dancer/s: Jaclyn Rea, John Dwyer, Carlie Hollmann, Danielle Tamburro, Torrey McAnena
Choreographer: Suzzanne Ponomarenko
Brief description of the dance piece:  The Record showcases one individual family’s dysfunction that is rooted in their faithless worship.
Music details: “Let Us Make A Record” by Sister Gertrude Morgan; “Raindrop Predluce, Op 28, No. 15” by: Frédéric Chopin; “Kaiser Quartet in C Major – Mov. 2/4”  by: Franz Joseph Haydn.
Photo Credit: Kassy Balli
Website: www.moiradancetheatre.org
Facebook account: Moira Dance Theatre
Twitter Account:  @MoiraDance