June 24, 2015 – Participating Dance Companies

The People Movers

People MoversTitle:  The Jester
Dancer/s: Brittany Testone
Choreographer: Kate Ladenheim
Brief description of the dance piece: An excerpt from HackPolitik, this solo introduces us to The Jester- a strong yet sneaky character intent on revealing the identities of those who’s ideals do not align with his own.
Music details: Original composition by Peter Van Zandt Lane
Photo Credit: Stephanie Crousillat
Website: www.peoplemoversdance.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thepeoplemovers
Twitter: @_peoplemovers

DoubleTake Dance Co

doubletakeTitle:  A Long Way Down
Dancer/s: Ashley Carter, Jen Chiang, KP, Vanessa Martínez de Baños, Ariel Miasnik, Katie Sloan.
Choreographer: Ashley Carter & Vanessa Martínez de Baños
Brief description of the dance piece: Short contemporary piece about persecution.
Music details: Delta Rae
Photo Credit: Jaqlin Medlock
“Special thanks to Mark Morris Dance Center”
Website: www.DoubleTakeDanceCo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002415507526

Inclined Dance Project

InclinedTitle: Ringer
Dancer/s: Amy Campbell, Leighann Curd, Morgana Phlaum, and Jennifer Radcliffe.
Choreographer: Kristen Klein
“Created in part thanks to the Mark Morris Dance Center.”
Brief description of the dance piece:”Ringer” is an exploration
in duality and an investigation of alternate personas.
Music details: Soundscore compiled by
Kristen Klein. Featuring music by Goldmund, Aphex Twin, The Modern
Deep Left Quartet, and Xhin.
Photo Credit: Yi-Chun Wu
Website: http://www.inclineddanceproject.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/inclineddp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/inclineddp

Calen J Kurka/pushing progress ii

pushing progressTitle:  If I Swallow This.Darkness
Dancer/s: Anna Loveys, Kathleen Donachie, Joseph Harris, Alexander Olivieri, Heather Toth, Jesse Engel, Emily Malamet, Jessica Malat.
Choreographer: Calen J Kurka
Brief description of the dance piece: If I Swallow This.  Darkness explores ideas in ones duality playing on relationships with mental constructs, with others, and addiction.  It depicts energetically the formlessness of ones shadowed self, but also it’s outward manifestation.
Music details: Subzero – Ben Klock, Init Two – Ben Kock, Mixed by Angela Brickhouse
Photo Credit: Krista Bonura
Website: http://www.pushingprogress.com
Facebook: :pushing progress a company/a workshop
Twitter: progressdanceny

Pantos Project

PantosTitle:  “She Said, She Said”
Dancer/s: Carolyn Breton, Kerri Kudla, Lisa Cole, Erica Misilo, Jade Chauvin.
Choreographer: Kat Pantos
Brief description of the dance piece: :“She Said, She Said” is inspired by the third side of the story. With many truths being lost in translation, we are left with the she said, she said, of an event, or conversation. In this piece we explore the reactions from such confusion.
Music details: “Tick of the Clock” (Film Edit) Chromatics”Breathe this air” Jon Hopkins 
Photo Credit: Enniorizzi Photography
Website: http://www.katpantos.com
Facebook: Pantos Project
Twitter: @pantosproject


AATMATitle:  Excerpts from Mystic India: The World Tour (Sun and Moon AND Nagada) 
Dancer/s: Rachel Higbee, Andrea Palesh, Anjuli Bhattacharyya, Katarina Lott, Brielle Simonelli, Alisha Desai, Reginald Webber, Devon Lubar, Amit Shah, Kruti Shah.
Choreographer: Amit Shah, Kruti Shah, Melvin Varghese.  
Brief description of the dance piece: AATMA will be showcasing two unique segments from their worldwide production Mystic India: The World Tour. The first titled “Sun and Moon” uses fluidity and gracefulness of Bharatanatyam to represent the moon and the powerful, linear elements to represent the sun. The second piece titled “Nagada” represents a spin-off of the traditional Gujarati folk dancing style of Garba. This piece combines Garba and Bollywood to create a unique interpretation of Indian traditions and culture.
Music details: Sun and Moon. Eastern Gold- produced and mixed by NewProduk (Kush Parmar) 
                              Newprodukwashere@gmail.com    @newproduk
                              Nagada – Nagada Sang Dhol from Ram Leela
Photo Credit: Paulo Salud 
Website: http://www.aatmaperformingarts.com
Facebook: AATMAPerformingArts
Twitter: _AATMA_

Fenn & Company

Fenn1Title:  Why not Brunch?
Dancer/s: Quinn Dixon, Ben Follensbee, Paulette Lewis, Molly Mingey, Maya Orchin, Steven Zarzecki. 
Choreographer: Molly Mingey
Brief description of the dance piece: Why not Brunch? captures the day in the life of a server who is constantly at odds with her job. The piece takes a comical and sometimes cynical look at the relationship between the sever and brunch patrons.
Music details: Original score composed by Jas McHugh.
Photo Credit: Matt Haas
Website: mmmingey.wix.com/mollymingey  and maryeliza6.wix.com/fenncompany
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=26724792

Cleo Carol Knopf / Poemdance Co.

PoemdanceTitle:  Swirling Sky
Dancer/s: Cleo Carol Knopf and Bobby Hedglin-Taylor.
Choreographer: This piece is Co-Choreographed by Cleo Carol Knopf & Bobby Hedglin-Taylor. 
Brief description of the dance piece: Behind every artist there is a muse leading the artist on a path of visions.  In this dance, Van Gogh is painting when the Muse of his “Starry Starry Night” appears directly out of his brush stroke and guides him into the sky of his imagination.
 Music details: Excerpt from Alala das Marinas from Milladoro and Starry Starry Night by Don McLean.
Website: http://www.poemdancer.com
Facebook: Cleo Carol Knopf
Twitter:  @CleoPoemdancer

RedCurrant Collective

red currentTitle:  medi-evil
Dancer/s: Debra Bona, Zoe Rabinowitz, Sarah Hillmon, Julia Jurgilewicz, Phoebe Rose Sandford.
Choreographer: Liz Caroline Montgomery 
Brief description of the dance piece: medi-evil is an exploration of how historical narrative is transformed in order to make sense of the past in the here and now. The movement is nonsensical, imitative, and earnest, imagining pop culture within a Medieval context.
Music details: Ensemble Buon Tempo, “Tourdion”; performed by Béla Fleck, “Prélude from Suite for Unaccompanied Cello No. 1”; Hilliard Ensemble, “Ondas Do Mar De Uigo”.
Photo Credit: Meg Friske Montgomery
Website: http://www.redcurrantcollective.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedCurrantCollective

Heidi Contemporary Ballet

Heidi Contemporary BalletTitle:  Illusion
Dancer/s: Eliza Sherlock-Lewis, Rachel Donev, Jay (Hye Jeong) Yun, Irakli Shengelia.
Brief description of the dance piece: I will present a person’s frame of mind that chases only money and success which can be blown away instantly.
Music details: “An original composition by Kyle Olson”
Interactive Designers: 1. Chanwook Min
2. John Namu Choi  3. Sehyun Kim
Photo Credit:  Alexis Silver.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hyungji.yu.7
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyungji.yu.7

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