February 26, 2014 – Participating Dance Companies

The People Movers

people moversTitle : HackPolitik Excerpt: #OpTunisia
Choreographer: Kate Ladenheim
Dancer/s: Michael Abbatiello, Shay Bares, Dave Glista, Chelsea Robin Lee, Matthew Ortner, Breanna Short, Brittany Testone, Ayla Weisz 
Brief description : HackPolitik is an collaborative work of new music and contemporary dance inspired by the hacker collective Anonymous, Lulzsec, and the online personas who brought the groups to life and public attention. This scene from HackPolitik depicts the DDoS attack on the website of the government of Tunisia. The Anons overwhelm the website with information and end celebrating their success. 
Photo Credit: Nile Hawver
Music: Peter Van Zandt Lane. Musicians: The Juventas New Music Ensemble 
Website: www.peoplemoversdance.com
Facebook account: facebook.com/thepeoplemovers
Twitter Account:  @_peoplemovers

The Moving Architects

moving architectsTitle: “The New”
Choreographer: Erin Carlisle Norton
Dancer/s:   Quentin Burly, Ann Duffy, Lauren Ritzi, Casie O’Kane
Brief description: The New is a quartet with a mod flair, robotic attitude, and 60’s surf rock soundtrack.  Performed to Mina, The Tornadoes, and The Beach Boys, the dance suggests the extremes of a turbulent era side by side with a pop culture that promoted mirth and oblivion.   Articulated through dangerous renditions of the Twist and an angular Stepford-esque section, we find worlds collide by seriously rocking out.
Photo Credit: Peter Richter
Music: “Tintarella di luna” by Mina, “Telstar” by The Tornadoes, and “Surf Jame” by Beach Boys
Website: www.TheMovingArchitects.org
Facebook account:  https://www.facebook.com/movingarchitects
Twitter Account:  @MovingArchitect

SIA Dance Company

SIA_1 (2)Title: Dheem
Dancer/s: Preya Patel, Sanam Advani
Choreographer:  Guru Smt. Jamuna Mitcham
Brief description : This is a Jugalbandhi (duel) of 2 of the main classical style of Indian Classical dance, Bharatnatyam and Kathak
Website: www.sia-academy.com
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/shraddhanjaliIAA?fref=ts

Sheennah Augustin Dance

sheenahTitle: Darkness
Dancer/s: Madeline Charles and Lucile Jorba y campo
Choreographer: Sheennah Augustin
Brief description: A personal journey through depression.  The dancers go through a struggle of sinking into depression, fighting the demons that brought them there, and eventually overcoming everything to live a carefree life.
Photo: Sheennah Augustin
Music: “Strange Fruit”- Nina Simone, “The End”- Jim Johnston, “Tonight, Tonight (Strings Alone Mix)”- Smashing Pumpkins
Website: http://sheennah423.wix.com/sadancecompany

Motion X Dance DC

motionXTitle: That Which Flows (excerpt)
Dancer/s: Elysia Greene; Jason Holley
Choreographer: Stephanie York
Brief description: A duet between a male & female that speaks on the power of community during the aftermath of a destructive flood.  The male dancer represents how a united community can offer healing to the people affected, ultimately bringing them back to a place of normalcy.  This duet is an excerpt from a larger work entitled, “Natural Effect: In Four Movements,” that explores the positive and negative effects the four elements can have on a human.
Photo Credit: Lindsay Benson Garrett
Music: “Dedication, Loyalty” by Nils Frahm; Sound editing by: Stephanie York
Website: www.motionxdance.org
Facebook account: www.facebook.com/motionxdance
Twitter Account: @stephlynnyork 

Michelle DuVall Dance Collective

MDuVallTitle:Kitchen Floor
Dancer/s: Michelle DuVall, Bong Dizon, Nicole Romanelli, Marissa Nigro
Choreographer: Michelle DuVall and dancers 
Brief description: Kitchen Floor is a window into a familiar place, where a relationship and its private language develops and deteriorates. The piece begins where the story has ended, but the audience is brought back to the moment when the partners developed the language of their relationship. What begins as a hesitant encounter evolves into an open challenge, where boundaries are created and trespassed. It’s never quite clear whether this is a relationship of fondness or fury.
Photo Credit: Mickey Hoelsher
Music: Toil by Hanan Townshend; Lacrimosa by Hanan Townshend; Awakening by Alexandre Desplat
Website: Www.michelleduvall.com
Facebook account: https://m.facebook.com/michelleduvalldancecollective 
Twitter Account:  @mduvalldance

Janice Rosario

JaniceTitle: Side Effects
Dancer/s: Janice Rosario, Kara Kaplan, Sofia Kezevadze
Choreographer: Janice Rosario
Brief description: ”Side Effects” is an exploration of three women in distress. What happens in the piece is the manifestation of the trauma they’ve been through & how it affects them as individuals & in relationships. The piece gets darker in nature as we move along the different sections.
Photo Credit: Whitney Brown
Music: Philip Glass, Loscil & Pan Sonic.
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?m2w&refid=8

DoubleTake Dance Co.

doubletakeTitle: Tango
Dancer/s: Ashley Carter, Vanessa Martínez de Baños, Katie Sloan, Yuika Iso, Ariel Miasnik, Yurie Tsurumi.  Vocalist: Travis Morin.  
Choreographer: Ashley Carter and Vanessa Martínez de Baños
Brief description:  Contemporary Tango with vocalist singing over an instrumental track
Photo Credit: Jaqlin Medlock
Music: Moulin Rouge
Website: www.DoubleTakeDanceCo.com
Facebook account:  https://www.facebook.com/DoubleTakeDanceCo
Twitter Account:  @doubletakedance

Bergfelt & Bronson

bergfelt and BronsonTitle of the Dance piece: Divulgence
Dancer/s: Zach Bergfelt and Meghann Bronson
Choreographer: Zach Bergfelt and Meghann Bronson
Brief description of the dance piece: This piece is about the stages of vulnerability. It tells the story of two individuals with different understandings of how to give oneself to another. It shows the struggles – highs, lows and everything in between – with regards to a relationship. In this piece, each individual will become broken, and you will watch them as they attempt to rebuild themselves.
Music details used in the dance piece: Bliss- A Last Meeting, Olafur Arnalds- The Wait 
Website: http://meghannbronson.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zach.bergfelt , https://www.facebook.com/meghann.bronson 
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/zbergfelt , https://twitter.com/MegBronson

Touch Theory Dance Company

touch theory-red (2)
 Title: Muleciber Sequence
Choreographer: Jennifer Montoya
Dancer/s: Zach Bergfelt, Alexandra Beaty, Matthew Han, Meghann Bronson, Gabriel Sanchez, Mary Regeny, Alyssa Fuhrmann
Brief description: This piece lives in a larger work entitled “Pandemonium,” it is the palace that the demon Muleciber constructs for Satan and his followers after they fall out from god. The piece is about physical construction and the ebb and flow of relationships.
Photo Credit: Sara Blumenkranz
Music: Brian Wood and Tokimonstra 
Website: touchtheorydance.com 
Facebook: touchtheory@facebook.com