2015 Season

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NYC10 Dance Initiative 2015 Season

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Performances by:

June 24, 2015

Javier Padilla::Movement Playground

Janice Rosario and Company

Ballet Inc.

Monteleone Dance Collective

Carlos Garland

Praevado Dance Collective

Awaken Dance Theater

Kelsey Wapinsky


March 25, 2015

Ballet Inc.

Photo credit: Alex Braverman

 Title: Jamais Ton

Piece Inspiration: “Ever thine.  Ever mine.  Ever ours.”

The Letters of Notebook – Ludwig van Beethoven

Dancers: Dona Wiley, Maxwell Simoes

Music: “Arvo part”/ voice over Noemie  Blanchard

Choreographer Bio: Choreographer/Artistic Director Aaron Atkins Founded Ballet Inc. in August 2012. The company’s mission is to continuously create new ballets that remove boundaries, not reinforce them. Ballet Inc. strives to challenge those traditions that may limit a dancer due to his or her own body type or ethnicity. Critically acclaimed as “Hard-hitting.. Sensual..Powerful..’’ -BroadwayWorldDance-. Ballet Inc. hopes to redefine the principles that shall enable talented dancers to have a platform to share their artistic voice while merging various forms of dance into a unique and eclectic style.

Website: www.ballet-inc.org

Facbook: www.facebook.com/BalletInc

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/BalletInc

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/BalletInc

Javier Padilla::Movement Playground


Photo credit: SJR Photography

 Title: this is the city of spare parts

Piece Description: “this is the city of spare parts” explores the different aspects of femininity and the search for individuality.

Dancers: Jacqueline Carelli, Kristen Fry, Mallory Galarza, Lauren Karow, Sara Martino, Jacqueline Michaels, Christina Trautwein

Music: “Interlude (Telephone)”, John Roberts, “Subconscious”, Hauschka

Text: Lady Lazarus, The Stones and Daddy, written and narrated by Sylvia Plath

Choreographer Bio: Javier Padilla is from sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico and is currently pursuing a BFA in Dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts and has had the opportunity to perform in works by Randy James and premiere works by Meghan Frederick and Paul Ocampo. Currently, he is developing a choreographic project called Javier Padilla::Movemet Playground and hopes to expand in the future.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/javierpadillamovementplayground



Photo credit: Quentin Burley

 Title: Median

Piece Description: Median’ is a work about race in a post-racial society. Using Ralph Ellison‚ novel ‘Invisible Man’ and Al Young poem ‘A Dance for Militant Dilettantes’ as an entry point, the piece takes a raw approach to format, where text, music, and movement are all on equal footings of expression and precedent. Overall, it is an exploration of race and identity through the recorded text as well as a wide array of musical selections from Chopin to The Notorious B.I.G. The collective lays bare the central ideas and challenges for the audience to draw their own conclusions from our expositions.

Dancers: Kirsten Flores-Davis, Cameron McKinney, Christian Valentin Morel, Chafin Seymour

Music: Arvo Pärt, Jay-Z, El Michels Affair, Evian Christ

Text from Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison as read by Peter Francis James

Sound Design by Chafin Seymour

Choreographer Bio: Chafin Seymour is a Brooklyn, NY native whose experience in dance has been investigative and eclectic. He received his BFA with Distinction from The Ohio State University Department of Dance in 2012. Since then he has returned to his home borough and has had the pleasure of working with such artists as Danté Brown and Ni’Ja Whitson. He founded seymour::dancecollective in 2011 with the aims of crossing boundaries culturally and aesthetically.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seymourdanceco

Instagram: @chafinsey

Carlos Garland


Photo credit: Marisa Dolan

 Title: Dark Distinction

Piece Description: A soloist expressing the body’s aesthetic versatility through athletic, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, break-dance, and contemporary movement.

Dancer: Carlos Garland

Music: Berlin, Alva Noto

Choreographer Bio: Carlos Garland is a contemporary/hip hop/acrobatic dancer and was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. Carlos has been the winner of Millie Lewis America’s Models and Talent Competition in dance and received a Merit Award in the National Foundation of Advancement of the Arts in hip hop. He has attended Jacksonville University, double majoring in dance and computer science. Other achievements includes a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, and winning BET’s 106th and Park dance competition on Wild Out Wednesday with his dance crew Systematic. Carlos has danced and toured nationally and internationally with Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys Of Dance. Continuing on he was also a top 20 finalist on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10. Currently he periodically teaches at Broadway Dance Center and Steps On Broadway in NYC. Carlos recently has performed off-broadway with “iLuminate” as the lead character. Check out Carlos’ work at www.carlosgarland.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dance10carlos

Website: www.carlosgarland.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/dance10carlos

Instagram: spidermancarlos

Monteleone Collective

Locavulary De Sign

Photo credit:Natalie James, Visual Barz

 Title: Locavulary De Sign

Piece Description: The work is largely inspired by a series of images that represent an industrial aesthetic; concrete, computer chips, power chords, factories, metal, suite-and-tie, big business, gears and such. I believe these things allude to the cultural and environmental fabric of this Äúzeitgeist‚ The work begins with two dancers looping an extended stationary phrase on two diamond plate metal platforms, which is sampled and riffed from large movement from behind. The vocabulary is finely sharp and systematic to support an idea of machinery. A line of bodies entangle in an extension chord over unapologetic beats. Risky elements of voyeurism are elicited during an evocative solo with security guards. The sound is a complex amalgamation of electronic, ambient, and experimental music sampled and mixed by Joe Monteleone.

Dancers: Performed by Amelia Bonvento, Morgan Bryant, Kathryn Reese, Kayley Sisco, Shelley White, Ashley Yehoda

Choreographed and Conceived by Joe Monteleone, in collaboration with dancers

Music by Roly Porter, Knife Party, Senking, Frank Bretschneider, Joe Monteleone, Alva Noto, Yheti and Space Jesus, Vaetxh, NJ Transit, Proem

Sound Score mixed and mastered by Joe Monteleone

Live music performed by Morgan Bryant

Costumes: Sue Monteleone

Installation: Keith Leboeuf

Choreographer Bio: Joe Monteleone received his B.F.A. in Dance at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers.  There he worked with notable choreographers Doug Elkins, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Manuel Vignoulle, Stephanie BattenBland, Randy James, Julia Ritter, Kim Gibilisco, Keith Thompson, and John Evans.  He has danced professionally with Randy James’ 10 Hairy Legs, the Kennedy Dancers, and Derling Dance Arts.  As the director of the Monteleone Dance Collective, his work has been presented at PMT Dance Studio, Dixon Place “NYC10” and “Moving Men”, the Norwood Club, The Chocolate Factory, Your Move Dance Festival, the Amalgamate Artist Series, Green Space, Boston University (with the Reverb Dance Echoes Tour), the Peridance APAP Showcase, the Moving Beauty Series, as well as numerous other showcases throughout the NYC area. Joe has taught at both high school and college levels, and is currently a resident teacher at the PMT Dance Studio and The Kennedy Dancers. As a disc jockey he has mixed music for choreographers Doug Elkins, Randy James, Tiffany Mills, NivOren, and Paulette Sears.

Website: monteleonedance.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/monteleonedance

Twitter: @monteleonedance

Instagram: monteleonedance

Cleo Carol Knopf/Poem Dance Co.

Cleo Carol Knopf

Photo credit: Eric Bandiero

Title: Soul of the Arctic

Piece Description: The Arctic calls out that it does not want to melt.

Performer: Cleo Carol Knopf

Music: “The Passion of Joan of Arc”, In The Nursery

Choreographer Bio: Cleo Carol Knopf, a seasoned dance artist, has performed many styles: Ballet, Flamenco, Balinese, Modern, Contemporary, and most recently, Aerial Dance. There is no separation, for her, between the different dance forms, only that each one has something of its own to say through our bodies. She has worked with: New York Chamber Ballet, Fuego Flamenco, Balinese American Dance Theatre, North Star Ballet of Alaska, Caprichos Boleros, Red Bank Ballet, Peridance Co., Battery Dance Co., Throne Dance Theatre, Odyssey Dance Company, and as lead Aerialist with the Viva Show.

Ms. Knopf went on to complete her undergraduate degree in writing at Hunter College
then her MFA in dance at Tisch School of the Arts, then created Poemdance Co. to choreograph on the ground and in the air. Enriched by many forms of movement, literature, and life, she makes poetic dances which tell stories through expressive nuances. Her dances personalize world themes, like climate change, expressed, for example, by a dancer who is melting. Her choreography has been presented at:

Festival D’Avignon in France, Amor de Dios in Spain, New York Aerial Dance Festival,
Zipper Theatre, Pickle Family Circus of San Francisco, Cathedral of Saint John the
Divine, Bindlestiff Cabaret, Hunter College, Dixon Place, WestFest and BAM. She
currently teaches Aerial Dance at various NYC locations.

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/cleocarol.knopf

Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXnfeLzbONikL3Nl_hLEQPQ

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/CleoPoemdancer

Kelsey Wapinsky

Kelsey Wapinsky

Photo Credit: Tammy Lorish

 Title: Infringed

Piece Description: This work was created during the months following the end of an emotionally abusive relationship. It shows the rises and falls within relationships and how when involved we gravitate toward one another. Three couples brace the stage-completely different, yet the same.

Dancers: Anisa Nieves, Danice Jones, Taylor Manoussos, Brian Butterworth, Kenneth Murray, Dijon Whyte

Music: “Hallelujah”, Imogen Heap

Choreographer Bio: Originally from Blandon, Pennsylvania, Kelsey Wapinsky is a young artist currently residing on Long Island. She is a senior dance major training extensively in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, and Jazz. At young age, Kelsey discovered her passion for performance and choreography when studying under the direction of Priscilla Knight at Marilyn’s Dance Studio. To further develop her knowledge of the art of dance, she interned with Broadway Dance Center, in New York City, which gave her the opportunity to study under the studio’s prestigious faculty. Kelsey enjoys every moment she gets to embrace the stage; whether it’s performing other individual’s works or presenting her own. She sends her sincere thanks and love to all her friends and family, whom have unconditionally stood by her side while she chases her dreams.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kelsey.wapinsky

Instagram: @kwap23

Praevado Dance Collective

Praevado Dance Collective

Photo credit: Stephen Delas Heras

 Title: When birds look into houses, what impossible worlds they see

Piece Description: This is a contemporary ballet based piece working off the concept of moving forward or getting stuck. Using repetitive patterns, this dance explores how an individual keeps moving forward, even then stagnant.

Choreographer Bio: Holly Maddock is a dancer/choreographer from New York. A graduate of Long Island University Post, she holds a BFA in Dance Studies. She has been a member of the Post Concert Dance Company and the American Dance Theatre of Long Island. Now in the process of starting her own company, she is currently working on independent projects, and with RAW: Natural Born Artists.

Music: “Once Upon a Dream” Piano Arrangement,  “On the Nature of Daylight”, Max Richter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PraevadoDance

Instagram: praevadodancecollective

Janice Rosario & Company

Janice Rosario

Photo credit: Joshua Pacheco

 Title: Shattered Mirror

Piece Description: This piece explores a fragmented sense of self. The three dancers are different aspects of one person’s personality who is not integrated. The perception of self is distorted. Throughout the piece different parts of one personality is highlighted. The driving force throughout the piece is the struggle to be released from the disintegration and distortion.

Dancers: Vira Lee, Deanna Martinez, Janice Rosario

Music: “Waehrend (Golden)”,Marsen Jules and  “String Quartet No. 2”, Joby Talbot

Choreographer Bio: Janice Rosario is a NYC-based dancer & choreographer. Born and raised in upper Manhattan, Janice grew up surrounded by New York’s vibrant arts scene, where she studied classical ballet, Horton & the Graham technique. She studied on scholarship at Ballet Hispanico, Ballet Academy East, Boston Ballet, the Alvin Ailey School and F.H. LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts. She stayed in New York during her college years to attend Hunter College, majoring in Dance. Still based in New York City, she has been presenting her choreography throughout the city. Her work has been presented at The Secret Theater, Triskelion Arts Aldous Theater, John Ryan Theater, and Dixon Place. She has been commissioned to present an entire evening length work at The Secret Theater in March 2015. She was also recently awarded a grant from Chen Dance Center to create work for the NewSteps Series in May 2015.

Website: JaniceRosarioandCompany.com

Instagram: Janice_Rosario

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janice.rosario.589

Awaken Dance Theater

Awaken Dance Theater

Photo credit: Stephen De las Heras

Title: Only in America

Piece Description: Only in America touches on the very tragic and real problem of gun violence in the USA. It tells the story of a school shooting and the mourning that follows, followed eventually by no change in society, laws, or preventative measures.

It opens with a classroom scene, then has a shooting scene, a scene of mourning, anger… and the lack of government response. It also addresses loosely the idea of an apathetic society at large, from media coverage and sensationalism to the NRA. It is a piece with a strong message.

Music: “The Nurse Who Loved Me”, The Section Quartet, “Heartbeat Speeding Up”, Finnolia Sound Effects,  “Battery Kinzie”, Fleet Foxes, and  “Whistle Song” (from Kill Bill), Toners.

Choreographer Bio: Rebekka Nodhturft is a passionate and energetic dancer and choreographer based in NYC.  A member of Jazz Roots Dance, she also performs at the world-renowned Cotton Club, where she taps with Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards and her line of ’Sophisticated Ladies’.  Rebekka also worked with Keen Dance Theater and Momentum Dance Theater. Rebekka completed a year of full-time training with the Professional Division of The Ailey School, and also trained at Boston University, Orlando Ballet School, and Broadway Dance Center.   She currently teaches ballet, tap, and jazz at several studios throughout the city. 

She recently founded Awaken Dance Theater, a company based on works that explore deep social and political issues, such as racism, violence against women, abortion, feminism, poverty and financial inequality, climate issues, etc.  She hopes to create many pieces that, aside from arousing feelings from audience members, also moves them to take action.  Rebekka earned her BA degree in International Relations from Boston University, where she graduated Magna cum Laude.

Website:  http://www.awakendancetheater.com/

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