**Thanks Sangeeta!
The dancers, Bridget and I really enjoyed being a part of the nyc10 performance. Everyone was so friendly and it was nice to dance in our neighborhood. Thanks for all!

Ruth Andrien
Director, Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company
August 25, 2013

**This is fabulous! Never stop. I’ll definitely be coming back and bringing friends.
– Audience member from August 2013 NYC10

**Wonderful – Love the variety and the enthusiasm of all. – Audience member from April 2013 NYC10

** Greetings Sangeeta,
I hope this email finds you warm and enjoying your Sunday!
Thank you ever so much for this information and for the review! They are extremely helpful in our process of creation.
Your promptness in getting us the photos, video and responses is astounding. No other festival has been this quick in a timely turnover. It is extremely appreciated!
It was such a pleasure working with you and NYC10!
I hope we can work together in the future.
All the very best of the best to you and yours,

Joya Powell, Artistic Director/Choreographer, Movement of the People Dance Company– Participating dance company in October 2013

**This show was really exciting, I liked seeing all the different styles of dances……  – Audience member from October 2013 NYC10

** Every piece was amazing! Thanks so much for putting this together….. – Audience member from Finale in November 2012 NYC10

**Hey Sangeeta!
Thanks for another fantastic show!!! My company loves performing in this series, and I hope that NYC10 continues strong! You guys have created a really wonderful opportunity for small companies, and the extras you provide are so valuable for us. Its hard for us to afford the luxury of having a videographer or photographer, so thank you for continuing to provide that.

Kristen Klein, Inclined Dance Project –  Participating dance company in April 2014

** Nice choices of the various dance forms…….Great venue, great show…..  – Audience members from April 2014 NYC10

**Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us!  It is such a gift to have professional photos of our company!  I am so grateful for the opportunities you provide dancers and choreographers in New York! – Megan Mintum, MJM, Participating Dance company on June 25, 2014